Describe Mr.Cattanzara, his wife, and Gorge. 

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Mr. Cattanzara was a stout, baldheaded man who worked at the train station. He was a devout reader of the newspaper which he read every night. Mr. Cattanzara was a disciplined man even when drunk because he did not disturb members of his community. Mr. Cattanzara was friendly especially to George since when he was a young boy, Mr. Cattanzara would give George a nickel to buy lemon ice when they met. Mr. Cattanzara motivated George to engage in something meaningful in his life and he is the reason George eventually started to read books in trying to keep the promise he made to Cattanzara. Cattanzara is also a loyal friend since he does not tell anyone that George is not reading when he found out and George is still respected by his community.

Not much is said about Cattanzara’s wife except that she is always with Mr. Cattanzara whenever he is at home and from this one can deduce that she is a devout wife.

George is an impulsive young man as seen when he stopped going to school. He is very much worried about how people perceive him and tries hard to impress, including lying to Mr. Cattanzara and his family that he is reading books. He is a hardworking young man but because of his limited education he is unable to secure better paying jobs.