What in your socialization has led you to have your particular views about the proper relationships of women and men?

Expert Answers
pohnpei397 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

My attitudes about relationships come from two things, my parents and my education.

As I watched my parents I found that I did not want to have their sort of relationship.  It was and is a good relationship for them, but I think that it is too old-fashioned.  My mother seems always to be waiting on my father, getting things for him, hurrying off if he is waiting for her in the car, and generally acting in ways that show that she sees him as somehow more important than her.  I never did like that.

That interacted with my education.  My education was a modern one where I read books and texts that tended to be written after the women's movement had changed attitudes about relationships.  I read those things and agreed with their more liberal attitudes.  This increased my conviction that men and women should interact on an equal basis.