Summarize the major events in the first two chapters of "The Outsiders."

Expert Answers
pohnpei397 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The first chapter of the book is mainly taken up by descriptions of characters.  The major event that does happen in that chapter though, is that Pony is walking home from the movies and gets jumped by some Socs.  They are going to cut his hair off and maybe do worse, but the other Greasers rescue him.

The main event in Chapter 2 is that Pony, Johnny, and Dally are at a drive-in and they meet some Soc girls.  Pony, in particular, ends up making friends with one of them -- Cherry Valance.  She helps him understand the Socs and their feelings.

mkcapen1 | Student

The first chapter of the book serves as an introduction to the greasers.  Pony Boy makes a decision not to obey his brother Darry and goes to the movies alone.  He sees the car of The Soc's and before he can get away five of them jump out and threaten him.  They tease him about cutting off his hair.  Pony Boy goes crazy when they punch him and hold a knife to his throat. He starts screaming for his brothers Soda Pop and Darry.  The Socs punch him again and leave him.  Darry comes to get him and gets him up and takes him home.

Pony Boy begins to describe his brothers and one by one he describes the members of the Greasers. He explains the dynamics of their relationships.

In Chapter two Pony Boy and Johnny go to the drugstore where Dallas steals some cigarettes.  They had to the drive in where Cherry gets made at her boyfriend.  She meets Pony Boy and Johnny and is surprised that they are ice.  She is not used to them being nice.  Pony Boy begins to discover that he may have things in common with the Socs after all.