For a summer reading project, I have to summarize the internal conflict between Walter vs. Himself. SO, what is one conflict of Walter vs. Himself?in A Raisin in the Sun

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lsumner eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Walter is in conflict with himself. He is dissatisfied with his occupation as a chauffeur. He desires to have his own business. He struggles with low self esteem. He is unhappy in his life. He is thirty-five and his ten-year-old son still sleeps on the couch.

Indeed, Walter feels as if he is a poor provider for his family. He cannot afford to get his own family a house. Walter is tired of the struggle to make ends meet. He is tired of feeling like less of a man. He is ashamed of the fact that his occupation is subservient:

He works as a chauffeur, a job he finds unsatisfying on a number of levels but most particularly because he does not desire to be anyone's servant.

He desires to be his own boss and have his own business. Walter is a bitter black man who feels black men have it harder than white men. No doubt, Walter is in conflict with himself. He feels defeated. He is at war with himself. He desires to be a better provider for his family.

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