I am doing a summer assignment, and I need to answer questions in MLA format. How do I do that? Do I write it in essay form, or do I write the numbers and answer? This is my assignment:  http://www.wcpss.net/cms/lib/NC01911451/Centricity/Domain/6915/APHUGE%20Summer%202016_17.pdf  

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Your instructor refers you to the following very helpful site:


This site, called OWL (Online Writing Lab), created by Purdue University, will help you cite (or provide a reference) to each source you use. At the end of your article, you should include a "Works Cited" section. Basically, the citation format is as follows (with a made-up book):

Jones, Emily. The Book Title. Wiley, 1990. 

You should list your sources in alphabetical order (with the last name of the author first). The OWL site will lead you through how to cite electronic and other types of sources (at the link above).

In addition, within your article, you need to cite sources. For example, if you refer to or quote Thomas Friedman's article, you need to put his name after what you cite. For example, you might write, "The world has been becoming flatter for a long time" (Friedman). Generally, you include the page number of the article or book in which you received that information, but page numbers are not given in your handout. You need to cite (or provide the source of) information that you quote directly and information that you paraphrase.

With regard to whether you should answer in essay form or another form, the instructions ask you to contact your instructors (their names are on the link) with specific types of questions. 

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