What is the summary of "Poor Andrew" by Maupassant?In 50 words

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ladyvols1 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Maitre, a lawyer's wife is being unfaithful to him with a Captain.  The husband, Moreau is out of town for the week and the Captain talks Maitre into letting him come to her house to make love to her.  Every-time he comes the baby Andrew is awakened by one noise or another.  When the baby cries Maitre brings him to the bed as is her custom.  The Captain, without her knowledge begins to pinch the baby very hard until he breaks him of wanting to be in the bed with them.  When Moreau comes home he wants the baby in bed with them.  When they bring baby Andrew to bed he begins to scream and cry.  The next morning the Moreau discovers the bruises all over the baby's legs.  Maitre exclaims, "that wretch" and the husband wants to know who.  She lies and says it must be the nursemaid doing it.  The husband fires the nursemaid even though she swears she is not guilty. Moreau also notifies the agency and the nursemaid will have difficulty getting another position.