What is a summary of the poem "Ode to Autumn" by John Keats?

kc4u | Student

In stanza 1, the poet designates autumn as 'a season of mists and mellow fruitfulness' which matures all fruits to their core with the friendly help of the sun. Typically sensuous Keatsian images of vine-creepers loaded with ripeness, the swelling goards & hazel nuts chracterise the season. The bees go on collecting more honey that overflows the hives.

In stanza 2, Autumn is personified as a winnower, a reaper, a gleaner & a cyder-presser as the seemingly unending ripening process of the season continues.

Stanza 3 deals with the sights & sounds of autumn. Keats's gift of pictorial imagery presents the magical beauty of an autumnal twilight. Autumn should not regret for the superiority of the vernal music, for the autumnal orchestration of the buzz of gnats, the bleating of lambs, the song of the grass-hoppers, of the robin redbreasts, and the twittering of the swallows has its own distinctiveness.