What is a summary of the poem "Ex Basketball Player," and how does the topic relate to the poem?

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"Ex-Basketball Player" is an accessible poem for many readers. It is written in simple language and clearly describes a setting and a person. The first stanza of the poem is a setting description. The reader is introduced to a street that runs through a small town, and it ends by introducing us to Flick Webb. Flick grew up in the town and played high school basketball for the town. He was a very good player at the time; unfortunately, he overly focused on his basketball prowess and didn't focus on his education.

He never learned a trade, he just sells gas,
Checks oil, and changes flats.
Now Flick works at a job that doesn't have much potential for any kind of upward mobility, and the memory of his basketball prowess is slowly fading away from the minds of the customers. Flick is stuck in a dead end job reliving his past...

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