Please provide a summary of the Edward Lear poem "The Duck and the Kangaroo."

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While this poem seems to be nonsensical, there seems to be another lesson to be learned. The duck is discontent with life and sees the kangaroo's life as being more exciting and adventurous. The duck entreats the kangaroo for a ride. The kangaroo objects only because the duck is sure to have cold feet. The duck assures the kangaroo that several pairs of warm socks, a cloak and a cigar should keep the cold at bay. The seems silly, yes, but also the duck is taking on features not natural to his or her nature. In a sense the duck has to make changes not true to self in order to experience the life of another. The kangaroo gives in to the ducks request, but how long can this situation be satisfying when both parties are taking on unnatural characteristics?