A summary of The Diary of Anne Frank in no more than 100 words.

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One option you may wish to consider is visiting the link below. While this summary is far more than 100 words, you will find that its extensive summation of the text will help you to paraphrase main events, identify relevant characters, and give an accurate depiction of this story's setting.

In addition, you will find that, as it is divided into acts, the summary gives you all the relevant information you will need to write a quality summary for classroom purposes. Hope this helps.

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The Diary of Anne Frank is a play adapted from the diary of a teenage Jewish girl living in hiding during the Holocaust. Beginning in 1942, the Frank family and the Van Daan family go into hiding in an upstairs room above an office, where people will help them hide from the Nazis. During Anne's time in hiding, she writes a diary detailing their life in the upstairs rooms, from celebrating Hanukkah, to having a thief break in downstairs, to dangers of being blackmailed and discovered. Throughout it all, Anne writes about her ordinary teenage feelings in very unordinary circumstances.

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