What is the summary of Lord of the Flies?

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Lord of the Flies tells the story of what happens to a group of young boys taken out of the norms of society and away from any adult, left alone to survive on a deserted island. Eventually, fear takes hold of the boys and they turn on each other.
The novel is often seen as a commentary on human behavior and society. It demonstrates how some humans turn on each other, turning to savagery. The novel also illustrates how humans turn on the world around them when some of the boys burn the island while trying to hunt down a boy trying to escape the savagery.
Jack and Ralph are the two main characters pitted against each other while the other boys align themselves with one or the other boy. While Ralph maintains characteristics of "normal" society, Jack lets a desire for power and control destroy him.
With the island destroyed by their careless behavior while hunting down one of the boys, they are rescued from the totally destroyed island by a ship at the end of the book

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