Summary of "Julius Caesar" in detail.about each and every scene in detail please!!!!!!!!!!

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Julius Caesar is both loved and hated;some powerful men fear his rising popularity. A conspiracy forms and Cassius, a very ambitious man, is at the head. He persuades Brutus, an honorable man who loves Rome, to join against Caesar. Caesar's wife, Calphurnia, has bad dreams about him going to the Forum and tries to dissuade him from going. Caesar goes anyway; he is brutally stabbed and murdered by the conspirators. Brutus makes a funeral speech to the Romans; Mark Antony, pretending to be on the side of the conspirators, also speaks and turns the Romans against them. There is a war; the conspirators believe they are losing the battle. Cassius commits suicide as well as Brutus.Octavius and the second triumvirate are victorious.Follow the links to begin a detailed summary of each scene! Good Luck!