A Summary of John Mearshimer's Anarchy and the Struggle for Power.

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This singular essay, an excerpt from Mearshimer's larger book, attempts to explain the role of a nation in its search for power and hegemony. He argues that nations are constantly seeking ultimate power and that, left unchecked, they would essentially take over the world if it were possible. This then leads to the reasoning behind all foreign policy.

Mearshimer breaks down the concept into five main points, trying to explain how nations behave independently and within groups. The first point he makes is that anarchy prevails between international power—there is no ruling or central authority and no one bows down to any other nation willingly.

His second point or assumption is that each nation is capable of destroying or defeating another if unimpeded. Most nations have enough military might to overcome another one—and therefore each is dangerous in its own right. His third assumption is a corollary to that—that no nation can be sure of another's intentions.

The final two points are...

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