What is the summary of Jasmine, by Bharati Mukherjee?

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The novel, Jasmine, by Indian author Bharati Mukherjee, tells the story of an impoverished woman who moves to America only to find conflict and hardship as she undergoes personal transformations as well as numerous name changes. Born in the Punjabi village of Hasnpur, the story jumps back and forth through time as Jyoti (later Jasmine) tells her tales of travel and despair. Growing up in a mud hut, she marries Prakash, who dreams of going to Florida to open an electronics store. But before the two can move, Prakash is killed, and Jasmine decides to fulfill the couple's dream and go on to Florida alone. She plans to commit suicide in honor of Prakash but is instead raped by the boat captain, who she kills with a knife. After recovering in Fowler's Bluff, near Tampa, Jasmine takes the bus to New York. Her long journeys continue through New York to Iowa, where she lives with her crippled lover, Bud. She goes by several different names, including Jazzy and Jane, and takes several other lovers along the way. At the end of the story, she readies herself for yet another move, this time to California.

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