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The Hardy Boys are two brothers, Frank and Joe Hardy.  They are average teenagers with a strong combination of inquisitiveness and curiosity.  With such a potent combination, they operate as part time detectives and solve a great many mysteries.  Hence, the Hardy Boys Mysteries.  The boys live in the town of Bayport with their father and their mother.  The father is an amazing detective, so the boys already possess a role model.  It is not surprising that the boys emulate their father, as was convention at the time.  The Hardy Boys represent the idea that was growing in America at the time:  Any problem can be solved with innovative approaches and teamwork.  This mentality serves as the basis of all Hardy Boys' stories.  Over time, the boys' stories have changed, but the fundamental premise of being able to apply pragmatic thought in thinking about how things happened, similar to envisioning how to do things "differently and better," helps them to solve all cases, earning the respect of their father and, in some cases, exceeding it.

What might be most fascinating about the Hardy Boys mysteries is how the formula for success never changed.  From 1927- 1979, the boys demonstrated that intelligence, skill, mental attitude and toughness, with a little bit of luck will always prevail.  Reflect for a moment how much America changed from that time period:  The Second World War, the Atomic Bomb, the Cold War, the 1960's upheaval, the Vietnam War, and the malaise that followed were but a few of events that America endured.  It is interesting to note that despite such changes in American history and culture, the Hardy Boys remained consistent.  Either the series was evidence of America's greatest strength or its greatest foolishness.

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