Summary for The Forgotten Cottage 

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Well, The Forgotten Cottage is the third installment of the Annie Graham series written by Helen Phifer. It is considered a modern horror story, and the plot certainly reflects this. 

At the beginning of this story, Annie Graham feels done dealing with the demons of her past. As a police officer, she has come upon very horrific things and, in the first novel, we learn about her dealings with an old, crumbling mansion belonging to her brother that Annie Graham figures out the truth about. But now Annie Graham wants to put her past behind her when she purchases her quaint little country cottage.

Unfortunately, this sweet little cottage is not as quaint as it seems. There is evil lurking within. There has been a terrible tragedy in the past where a young man who, finally finding the girl of his dreams, settles down with her in the cottage, but eventually turns on his own children in order to be alone with his wife. Amid two other small story threads, Annie and her fiance, Will, struggle through their new issues and eventually put the past tragedy of this forgotten cottage to rest.

In conclusion, we can be sure that the events in Annie's cottage lend themselves well to the Annie Graham horror series. Get ready for a new horror experience in the next "Lake House" installment.

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