Summary of the devils arithmetic what is the complete summary of this book?

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What is interesting about this novel is that Hannah of the present is transported back to the Holocaust and doesn't forget who she is; she doesn't understand how, but she does understand that now she is Chaya in 1942. She DOES remember her history lessons from class and knows exactly what is going to potentially happen in the concentration camp. As Hannah, Chaya chooses to take Rivka's place in the line of women who are headed to the ovens so that Rivka can live her life. Hannah knows that she has already lived her life and has her memories, so it will be OK. The wonderful twist at the end of the novel is that Rivka is Hannah's aunt, and Hannah was given her Jewish name, Chaya, in memory of Rivka's friend who died for her in the camps.

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This story is about a young Jewish girl who learns about her heritage the hard way.  She somehow gets magiaclly transported back to the Holocaust, and into a concentration camp.  She somehow loses her memory, and fully experiences the horrors of that life.  Evenually, she is headed to a concentration camp when she remembers her old life and returns to her real world, now with a much different understanding of family history.

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