The Destructors Questions and Answers
by Graham Greene

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Please give a summary of "The Destructors."  

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This story is set in post-war London which has been ravaged by the German bombing. T., also known as Trevor, takes the leadership of the Wormsley Common gang away from Blackie when he suggests the organised destruction of a historic house that survived the German blitz. While the house's owner, Mr. Thomas, who the gang somewhat cruelly calls "Old Misery," is away, the gang thoroughly demolishes the inside of the house. When the owner returns unexpectedly early, they lock him in his outhouse. During the night, the gang weakens the foundations of the house and attach them to a truck that is parked close to the house, so that, when the driver leaves the following morning, he unknowingly completes the act of destruction that the boys have started. The driver, bemused by what has happened, releases Mr. Thomas from the outhouse. Mr. Thomas is completely devastated by what has happened, but the driver only laughs at the situation.

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