Summary and conclusion of "The Guest". Put some quotes from the text and support it

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In the story, "The Guest," Daru, a teacher living alone on a desert plain in a French province, is required (as this is a time of rebellion in his country) to escort an Arab who has committed murder, to the nearby jail.

Daru does not want to be involved in the politics, the hate, and fighting of men.  He simply wants to abide in peace, living a spartan and humble existence, teaching his small class of students.

Daru admits he will fight for his country, but refuses to take the man to jail.  In fact, while the Arab stays with him, Daru treats him more like a guest than a criminal.

At the end of "The Guest," Daru packs provisions for the man and takes him to the crossroads, telling him in which direction the jail lies, and what he will find in the other direction: most importantly, his freedom.

However, the Arab finally chooses the road to the jail.  When Daru returns home, he finds a threat on the chalkboard because the Arab's comrades blame Daru for taking the Arab to jail, when, ironically, Daru has treated him like a brother and done what he was able to do in order save him.

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