I need a summary of chapters 8-10 of "The Devil's Arithmetic."

mkcapen1 | Student

In the book The Devil's Arithmetic Hannah, a Jewish American teenager, finds herself in the past in a small Polish Village.  In chapter 8/9/10 they have traveled to the wedding and are listening as people are coming out of the woods and gathering towards the synagogue.

The Wedding party sees German trucks and soldiers standing outside the synagogue.  They are told they have to get into the trucks and are going to be deported somewhere.  The bridge ad groom can not marry.  They are rushed off with the others.  Hannah becomes aware of the situation and remembers what happened to the Jews due to the Nazi's persecution.  She tries to warn the others, but they ignore her and tell her to stop telling stories.

Schmel, the groom, sees a train station.  The Jewish people are taken off the trucks.  Guards are everywhere and they are treated like criminals.  Men, women, and children climb out in their garments they had worn for the wedding party. Fayge, he bride, tears her wedding dress on a nail.  They rush them pointing their guns at them.  They board them onto the trains.

The villagers see items that belonged to their family members and they worry.  They are told to obey and they will be safe.  Then they have to give up their belongings.  They are all forced to lie on the ground for a long time.

The German's tell them they are going to be resettled.  They put them into the box cars.  They are squeezed together and their bodies ache.  They are locked in and the train rolls.  The stench is awful and suffocating.  There are no bathrooms on board.  One child dies on the journey and Fayge tries to remain positive that she will be able to get married one day under the canopy. 


lisadevillier | Student

who came to visit Shmuel and Gitl on the morning of the wedding, and what does he bring?

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