Can you provide a summary of Chapter 7 of The Outsiders?

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Chapter 7 of The Outsiders takes place immediately after the three boys are rushed by ambulance to the hospital after rescuing the children from the burning church. Sodapop entertains reporters in the hospital waiting room as the boys wait to hear about Dally's and Johnny's injuries: Dally's burned arm would be okay, but Johnny was in critical condition with a broken back. The Curtis brothers finally return home and try to resume their normal routine. Pony is welcomed by Two-Bit and Steve the next morning with news that he and Johnny--and even Dally--are being called heroes by the local press. But all is not well. Pony and Soda worry that, as juveniles, they may be placed in a boys' home. Soda's girlfriend, Sandy, has moved to Florida, and Pony is having nightmares. When Pony and Two-Bit visit the Tasty Freeze, they are met by a carload of Socs in a blue Mustang. Pony and Randy Adderson, the Soc who had assaulted him in the park, have a talk, and Randy reveals that he won't be participating in the upcoming rumble. The two boys part as friends, and Pony realizes for the first time that "Socs were just guys after all. Things were rough all over..."

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