Summary of Chapters 4-6 in To Kill a Mockingbird.  

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In chapter 4 of To Kill a Mockingbird, Scout is still struggling in school and with her teacher. She is bored and can't wait for summer. While walking home one day, she spots something in the knot-hole of the tree on the Radley place. Scout is the first one to find the gifts left in the tree. Summer finally comes and with that comes Dill. The children begin their attempt to make Boo come out again.

Some tinfoil was sticking in a knot-hole just above my eye level, winking at me in the afternoon sun. I stood on tiptoe, hastily looked around once more, reached into the hole, and withdrew two pieces of chewing gum minus their outer wrappers.

Chapter 5 sees Jem and Dill becoming closer and Scout feeling left out. She begins to spend more time with Miss Maudie Atkinson. Miss Maudie tells Scout that Boo is still alive and that he was always polite to her. Jem and Dill decide to stick a note to the end of a fishing pole and deliver it to Boo, however Atticus catches them and warns them to leave Boo alone.

"Arthur Radley just stays in the house, that's all," said Miss Maudie. "Wouldn't you stay in the house if you didn't want to come out?"

In chapter 6, Jem, Dill and Scout ignore the warning from Atticus and sneak to the Radley house to peak in the window. While they are there, they see a shadow and get frightened and run off. Jem's pants become hung in the fence and he has to take them off. He returns later that night to retrieve his pants.

Dill stopped and let Jem go ahead. When Jem put his foot on the bottom step, the step squeaked. He stood still, then tried his weight by degrees. The step was silent. Jem skipped two steps, put his foot on the porch, heaved himself to it, and teetered a long moment. He regained his balance and dropped to his knees. He crawled to the window, raised his head and looked in.

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CHAPTER 4.  Scout discovers the gum left in the tree by Boo. Jem then finds the second gift: several Indian-head pennies wrapped in foil. Dill arrives home, and the children begin their play-acting game about the Radley family

CHAPTER 5.  This chapter mainly deals with developing the character of Miss Maudie Atkinson. Scout has a long talk with Miss Maudie about Boo Radley, and later they decide to attach a note to a fishing pole and deliver it to Boo. Atticus catches them, however, and puts a stop to it.

CHAPTER 6.  The children decide to finally sneak a peak at Boo, so they all converge upon the Radley place after dark. While Jem is looking through the porch window, he is surprised by a shadow, and the kids all run away. Jem loses his pants on the barbed wire fence, and Dill later explains to Atticus that he has lost them playing strip poker. Jem makes a late night run back to the fence to retrieve his pants.

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