Please give a summary of Chapter 12 in The Hunger Games.

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accessteacher eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The chapter begins as Katniss hears Peeta's voice with the Careers on her first night in the Hunger Games. This makes her feel that Peeta is just a hypocrite and it does shock her, especially when Peeta goes back to make sure the girl the Careers have just killed is finished off properly. However, at the same time, it is clear that Peeta has not revealed to them Katniss's ability with the bow and arrow, and so Katniss becomes even more confused about his intentions.

Katniss gets out of the tree and is very aware that the cameras will be looking at her, and that she will be "guaranteed a close up." She tries to pretend she is not perplexed and that she is "on top of things." She checks her snares and finds a rabbit and she cooks it on the still-warm coals of the fire that the girl lit whom the Careers killed. She heads away from where the Careers went, and continues to try to find water. This becomes her central need as she struggles with dehydration. Finally, as she almost expires with her thirst, she realises she is next to a stream and gets her water. The chapter ends after she has satisfied her thirst and she is faced by a wall of fire coming towards her.

cupi8114 | Student

My advice is to use spark notes.

aznboy578 | Student

Katniss hears Peeta and that shocks her. But she finds out he had not betrayed her best abilities to his careers. A wall of fire soon approaches to Katniss.