The Canterville Ghost Questions and Answers
by Oscar Wilde

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What is a summary of "The Canterville Ghost?"

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"The Canterville Ghost" is a hilarious short story written by Oscar Wilde .  It is about the American Otis family and their recent move into a haunted mansion.  The mansion is haunted by Sir Simon's ghost.  Years ago, Sir Simon killed his wife.  Her brothers got revenge on Sir Simon and starved him to death.  He has been haunting the house ever since, and he has driven several owners from...

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kaybrennan874 | Student

Mr. Otis is making fun of Lord Canterville's fear of ghosts. He's saying it's not possible for there to be ghosts and the "laws of Nature" aren't going to change simply because they are "blue bloods" (high-class Brits). The ghost's perspective adds to the satire. We get to know him more and understand his feelings in this situation. In expanding the narrative to the ghost’s emotions and perspective, the speaker is allowing the reader to capture a clearer glimpse of the suspense and tension that is in the text. The ghost here was a dynamic rather than static character whose perspective was needed to demonstrate some change. In addition, the ghost seems to be an essential character like Mr. Otis, so the ghost’s perspective is added as a result. It helps with the flow of the plot and adds some active interest as the story is on a level that is satirical. We get so many details of the horrible frights and deaths caused by the ghostto provide the reader with an underlying thought of the ghost’s personality and acts and how others lost their sanity as a result. These elements also add to the dark, scary, and humorous atmosphere. These components added into the story make it a funny-read as well, considering that ghost does not exist, yet it wants to scare others.