Is there a chapter summary for the books, "A Boy At War" and "All The Lovely Bad Ones"?

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"A Boy at War" is part of a trilogy of young adult novels written by Harry Mazer. This particular book was based on the events that took place at Pearl Harbor, sparking the United States' involvement in World War II. This book chronicles the experiences of Adam Pelko, the son of a navy commander, during the surprise attack on Pearl Harbor. Pelko had to move to Honolulu because of his father being relocated to Pearl Harbor. Adam had a difficult time because the kids in school did not care for military students. However, Adam did make a few friends. Davi was a Japanese American and Martin was Hawaiian. While out fishing, the boys hear planes flying overhead and think they are American planes. As Adam realizes that the planes are Japanese planes, the planes bomb the ships stationed at Pearl Harbor.  Adam Pelko sees his dad's ship, the Arizona, begin to sink. After the planes leave, Adam checks on his mom and sister and tells them what has happened. Days after Adam returned home, the family receives a message stating that Lt. Emory Pelko is missing. The family ends up relocating back to the mainland despite Adam's efforts to stay in Honolulu.

The book "All the Lovely Bad Ones" was written by Mary Downing Hahn and focuses on brother and sister Travis and Corey. Travis and his sister Corey love playing pranks on people. These two tricksters find out that a family-owned Vermont inn has had a history of ghost sightings. After learning of the sightings, the two decide to play a prank and begin "haunting" the guests. Soon after they begin haunting the guests, business at the inn starts picking up and tourists begin gathering at the hotel to witness these hauntings. The siblings soon learn they are not alone at Fox Hill Inn. The two have stirred the pot and their games have conjured up something very dangerous!

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