Analyze the meaning of the poem "Stone Goddess" by Sri Aurobindo.

Expert Answers
Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I think that much in the poem reveals the nature of spirituality that Sri Aurobindo resided in the individual.  Sri Aurobindo believed that individuals are able to approach the divine when they recognize that the divine is waiting for them in all forms.  In the poem, one sees this in how Sri Aurobindo has personified the divine.  The nature of this vision of the divine is "deathless" as well as one that "harbored all infinity."  For Sri Aurobindo, the individual must understand that this is the nature of the divine.  In recognizing this, the individual is able to grasp, if only for a moment, the true nature of the divine.  The mortal on Earth is in a "sleep," but the divine remains awake with its true nature.  It is up to the individual to "wake up" and understand the nature of the cosmos, the gods and goddesses await.  When "our soul has heard" the power of the divine, Sri Aurobindo concludes through his poem that we have woken up.  The visions of the divine in stone and immobile shape is the direction of where Sri Aurobindo believes our paths having awoken take us.  It is in this where the "stone goddess" possesses more life than we could ever imagine.