Please provide a summary of "The Mark Of The Beast" by Rudyard Kipling. I am not quite sure what Rudyard Kipling is talking about. I just need a little help with a summary. If anyone can help me... thank you.

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In many of Rudyard Kipling's works, his background and love of India is apparent and he is perhaps best known for The Jungle Book and his tales of Mowgli and Baloo the bear. "The Mark Of The Beast" is a short story by Kipling and concerns what happens when Fleete, an Englishman, comes into an inheritance and travels to India. With no apparent understanding or respect for Indian culture, Fleete desecrates a holy statue in the temple. When there is no other explanation for Fleete's peculiar behavior and apparent hydrophobia, his companions, Strickland, a policeman and resident of the area, and the narrator, conclude that Fleete is "bewitched" by a "Silver Man," a leper, for "polluting the image of Hanuman." 

The problems start when Fleete gets drunk on New Year's Eve and his friends dutifully escort him back to Strickland's house, where he is staying. However, along the way, he becomes unruly and, without regard for his surroundings, puts out his cigar on the head of the statue of...

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