What is a summary of the story "Great Day"?  

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The short story “Great Day” is the last in a collection called Dream Stuff.  It is also considered the best of the collection.  It is a long short story in that it is eight chapters long.

The story takes place during Audley Tyler's seventy-second birthday party.  Her whole family is coming to visit.  Fran comes to the party even though she has divorced Audrey’s son Clem.  Fran used to hate the family, but she comes anyway and finds herself wishing that she was included by them.  Fran begins talking to Cedric, a family friend.  Audley watches the interactions and muses on human nature.

"There is ancient and irreconcilable argument in us … between settlement and the spirit of the nomad, between the makers of order and our need to give ourselves over at moments to the imps and demons, to the dervish dance of what is in the last resort dust."

Clem makes a moving speech, and the party ends.  The theme of the story is that we all have our dreams, and life moves on without us.

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