Summarize what happens during the outcast's second day in camp.

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luannw eNotes educator| Certified Educator

When John Oakhurst woke on the second day at the hastily set up camp, the snow had started.  Uncle Billy was gone and along with him the mules and supplies that Tom Simson and Piney Woods had brought with them.  They evaluate the supplies that are left and realize they have less than 10 days' worth, but Tom Simson and Piney are hopeful that the snow will melt before then so they can move on so the rest of the group puts on a positive front.  To keep busy, the Duchess and Piney rearrange the interior of their makeshift cabin while Tom tries to make a roof for the topless cabin from thatch.  Tom had an accordion that Piney played while he kept rhythm with a pair of bone castanets, and they sang hymns.  By midnight the snow storm let up.

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