Summarize what happens during the outcast's second day in camp.

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The problems that begin on day two should not come as a surprise to readers. The narrator foreshadowed the danger of delaying the group's journey. We are told that Oakhurst knows that the group should not stop until they reach their destination, and he even tells Tom that he should not wait with the group because of the lack of supplies.

But Mr. Oakhurst knew that scarcely half the journey to Sandy Bar was accomplished, and the party were not equipped or provisioned for delay.

Tom is unfazed because he is confident in himself and the extra supplies he has on the mule. Unfortunately, the next morning brings bad news. Oakhurst wakes up and discovers that the group is becoming snowed in and that Uncle Billy fled, taking the mules and supplies with him. Oakhurst takes a moment to evaluate the remaining supplies, and he estimates that they have enough for maybe ten days. Oakhurst stays calm about the situation, and Tom actually seems excited about the idea of being stuck in the mountains with the rest of the group. It is a grand adventure in his mind, and he does not grasp the danger.

We’ll have a good camp for a week, and then the snow’ll melt, and we’ll all go back together.

The group then goes about finding ways to improve their camp. They find ways to decorate the cabin and add a roof of pine boughs. The day ends with the group gathered for some music and some singing.

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When John Oakhurst woke on the second day at the hastily set up camp, the snow had started.  Uncle Billy was gone and along with him the mules and supplies that Tom Simson and Piney Woods had brought with them.  They evaluate the supplies that are left and realize they have less than 10 days' worth, but Tom Simson and Piney are hopeful that the snow will melt before then so they can move on so the rest of the group puts on a positive front.  To keep busy, the Duchess and Piney rearrange the interior of their makeshift cabin while Tom tries to make a roof for the topless cabin from thatch.  Tom had an accordion that Piney played while he kept rhythm with a pair of bone castanets, and they sang hymns.  By midnight the snow storm let up.

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