Summarize what Ivan in "The Lottery Ticket" was thinking about how other people would react if his wife won the lottery.

Expert Answers
dymatsuoka eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The "other people" whose reactions Ivan considers are specifically his wife's relations. They appear in his mind as selfish, greedy individuals who would come by hoping for a share of her winnings, and who would be unappreciative no matter what they were given. He thinks,

"All those wretched brothers and sisters and aunts and uncles would come crawling about as soon as they heard of the winning ticket, would begin whining like beggars, and fawning upon them with oily, hypocritical smiles. Wretched, detestable people! If they were given anything, they would ask for more; while if they were refused, they would swear at them, slander them, and wish them every kind of misfortune."

Although in Ivan's mind, news of his wife's potential winnings would bring out the worst in other people, in reality, it brings out the worst in himself. From almost the first moment he even considers that his wife might possess the winning ticket, greed and even hate color his thinking, as he begins to think exclusively of himself and his own desires.