Summarize the scientific method and its importance to invention and innovation.

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chickflik999 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The scientific method is a set of procedures that scientists follow in order to study a natural occurrence. The goal of the scientific method is that scientists use a formal and objective approach to their studies. The scientific method begins with creating a hypothesis. A hypothesis is often given in the form of a question and is something that can be tested by scientists. Next, ways of testing the procedure are created. This may be done through observation but is more commonly done through sets of experiments. The scientist then uses the results of the experiments to create a theory that can answer a hypothesis. It is important that this theory is something that can be proven or disproven. 

The scientific method has been very important in invention and innovation because it eliminates bias on the part of the scientist. This means that the scientist's own personal beliefs do not cloud their judgement. For example, before the scientific method was used, individuals believed that the world was flat. However, because they did not create a series of experiments to test this, individuals based this "fact" on belief rather than evidence.