Summarize the reasons Crito gives for thinking that Socrates should escape In Plato's dialogue of the same name. Do you find them persuasive?

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Crito gives four main reasons for his desire to help Socrates to escape. First, Crito states that it would reflect badly on Socrates' friends, as if they did nothing to help him. Second, Crito says that Socrates should not worry about things like finances as his friends will provide a nice life for him in exile.

Third, Crito becomes more philosophical by saying that by giving into the state, Socrates would be giving into injustice. Moreover, he would be doing injustice to himself, after all, Socrates is just. 

When this approach fails, Crito appeals by asking Socrates to think of his family. 

None if these things deterred Socrates. And in the end, Crito is unpersuasive. Why? To go against even a faulty government is wrong.