To Build a Fire Questions and Answers
by Jack London

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Summarize the plot of "To Build a Fire" by Jack London.

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On a cold and gray day in the Yukon gold country, a man sets out on foot for a camp with his dog. This is his first winter here, and he is said to be a person who understands "things" but not their "significances." He spits into the air and it freezes before it hits the ground. His breath freezes into his beard and even his eyelashes freeze, and yet he still travels on. Fresh snow covers the trail. The man sees that the creek ice actually hides pockets of water into which he could fall; he knows that if his feet get wet, it will be really dangerous for him. He forces his dog to go first to test the ice in spots. He can feel his fingers and toes going numb, even inside his mittens and boots.

Eventually, he does fall through the ice's skin and plunges into water halfway to his knees. He knows that he must build a fire and dry out his clothes and skin because otherwise his feet will freeze. He builds the fire under a tree, but its heat makes the snow in the boughs above melt and fall,...

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