Summarize Petrocelli’s closing argument of why both Steve and King are guilty of felony murder in Monster.

Petrocelli argues that both Steve and James are guilty of felony murder in Monster because they made the moral decision to participate in the botched robbery. Regardless of their roles, both individuals willingly participated in the crime. She argues that the testimonies of her reputable witnesses also match the testimonies of the State's criminal witnesses. Petrocelli then explains how the defense attorneys are attempting to distance their clients from the crime.

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Petrocelli begins her closing arguments by negating the defense's assertion that this case is primarily about the characters of the witnesses. She reminds the jurors of the horrific crime before examining the motivations of each witness. Petrocelli comments on the true statements corroborated by the State's reputable witnesses and the criminals receiving lighter sentences. She also mentions that she has three eye-witnesses who place James King in the drugstore at the time of the robbery. In addition to the true statements regarding the stolen cigarettes, James King's whereabouts during the crime, and the ownership of the gun used to kill Mr. Nesbitt, Petrocelli also comments on the sale of the cigarettes following the crime. She claims that this is additional evidence that links James King to the robbery.

Petrocelli also argues that Lorelle Henry was reluctant to testify against James King but willingly identified him despite her personal reservations. She mentions that Mr. Briggs's argument does not hold weight while the State's theory was confirmed by all the witnesses. Petrocelli then summarizes the exact events that occurred and accuses Steve Harmon of giving the "all clear" signal. She then negates O'Brien's argument that Steve would have seen Lorelle Henry if he was the lookout by claiming that Steve was simply inexperienced and nervous.

Petrocelli concludes her argument by stating that Mr. Evans, James King, Osvaldo Cruz, and Steve Harmon all participated in the robbery and the jurors must take into consideration the fact that evidence has been verified by all of the State's witnesses. Petrocelli also mentions that each person is guilty of murder, regardless of the nature of their role in the robbery. She states that Steve Harmon and James King's attorneys wish to distance them from the crime by depicting them in a positive light and reminds the jury that they both made the moral decision to participate in the robbery. She ends her argument by focusing on Steve Harmon's participation in the crime and encourages the jury to bring justice to Mr. Nesbitt's killers.

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