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Night is author Elie Wiesel's true story of his experiences during the Holocaust. It begins in his hometown of Sighet, where he lives in a vibrant Jewish community. Wiesel is a very religious teenager, interested in studying the Cabbala--Jewish mysticism. The war is going on around them, but the villagers do not believe it will actually come to their doorsteps. Of course, it does, and Elie and his family and neighbors are taken to Auschwitz, a concentration camp in Poland. His mother and youngest sister are gassed, and the rest of the book is about Elie and his father trying to survive the concentration camps. They are sent to Buna and put to work in a factory. They are beaten, starved and treated worse than vermin, but they manage to keep going. By the time they are liberated, Elie's father has died from dysentery, and Elie is skin and bones.

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