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This movie was directed by Alejandro Gonzales Inrritu and was written Guillermo Arriaga. The story is a combination of stories that take places in Morocco, Japan, Mexico and the United States. The characters are intertwined.

A Japanese hunter (Yasujiro Wataya) gives a Morocco man a gift of a rifle as a token of his friendship on a hunting exhibition. The father from Morocco has two sons who are always competing with one another and one day they accidentally shoots a Western tourist (Susan) from the United States. This, in turn, starts a chain of events that leads to sorrow for the Moroccan family.

The American couple, Richard and Susan, frantically seek to get help. In the meantime, they ask their housekeeper to stay at the house longer in view of Susan's accident. However, the housekeeper is anxious, because she needs to get back to Mexico to see her son's wedding. With little choices, the housekeeper brings to the kids to Mexico, but on the way back to the United States, the kids get lost and almost leads to their death.

In the end, the movie is tragic and one of the themes is miscommunication, as the title suggests.