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Lorraine Caplan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The INFJ type is introverted, intuitive, feeling, and judgmental.  The person who is introverted gets his or her energy from time alone, rather than from time with others, and this is a person who tends to make decisions based on something other than physical evidence, more of a "gut" feeling.  The feeling person goes with emotion rather than with logic in approaching life.  The judgemental person is somewhat misnamed, because this person is not judgemental about others.  Rather, this is a person who is more comfortable when making a decision, as opposed to the person who is more invested in the process before a decision is made.  The "J" would usually rather make a wrong decision than not make any decision at all. 

According to Please Understand Me (Keirsy & Bates, 1984), the INFJ is likely to be a quiet and empathetic achiever, successful in the academic world or perhaps as a therapist.  This is a person with a problem-solving approach, one who can work independently, but who can also work well with others because of empathetic qualities.  They do well in family life, but in an unhappy work situation, they retreat and sometimes cannot function at all.  Also according to Keirsy & Bates, this group comprises approximately 1% of the population, making this a somewhat rare type of person.  

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