Summarize "How I Met My Husband" by Alice Munro.

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The narrator of the short story "How I Met My Husband" by Alice Munro is a 15-year-old girl named Edie who helps a veterinarian named Dr. Peebles and his wife with their two children. One day a plane lands at an old fairground site across the road from the Peebles house. A visiting neighbor, Loretta Bird, explains that the pilot takes people for rides for a small fee. Dr. Peebles, his two children Joey and Heather, and Edie are all interested in going.

Edie provides a little background by explaining that she attended high school for a year but didn't do well, and shortly afterwards Dr. Peebles invited her to help his family. She enjoys the work and finds it fairly easy.

The day after the plane lands, Dr. Peebles takes the children for haircuts and Edie is left in the house alone to do her chores. She puts on a satin dress belonging to Mrs. Peebles along with some makeup and then goes into the kitchen, where she notices a man outside who is watching her. He is the pilot of the plane; his name is Chris Watters. They converse for a short time, and he tells her she is beautiful.

Edie worries that Watters will tell the Peebles that she tried on the dress, so when the Peebles go out in the evening, she goes to find him at the fairground. She asks him not to say anything about the dress and he agrees. He offers her a cigarette and she smokes it awkwardly.

The area gets busy after the pilot starts taking people for rides. He offers to take Edie for free if she'll come around again for another cigarette.

On Sunday a woman named Alice Kelling, Watters' fiancé, arrives. The Peebles invite Alice to stay with them. Edie watches Watters and Alice kiss when they meet and then go out together. The next day, The Peebles and Alice go for a picnic at the lake and leave Edie behind to tell Watters where they have gone. She bakes a cake and takes it over to him. When they are alone in his tent, Watters begins kissing and making out with Edie. He promises to write to her so she can come and see him. Watters then flies away before Alice gets back.

Edie lies about where Watters has gone. Mrs. Peebles and Alice continue to question her, and Edie admits she was intimate with Watters. Alice becomes furious, but Mrs. Peebles remains reasonable and sympathetic and does not fire Edie.

Edie waits by the mailbox every day for a letter from Watters, but it never comes. As she waits day by day, she gets to know the mailman and becomes friendly with him. After she gives up and stops watching for the mail, the mailman calls her, tells her that he misses her, and asks her on a date. They eventually marry and have children. The mailman thinks that Edie waited all those days at the mailbox to see him, and Edie never tells him differently.

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