Summarize the evolution of the human resource function in organizations.

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Human resources has the responsibility of handling the personnel involved in an organization.  This includes posting jobs, processing payroll, handling administrative files and benefits management.  Human resources (HR) plays a vital role in a company by handling personnel management which is often paperwork intensive.  Managers and HR workers become experts in particular fields dealing with payroll, retirement and other small details.  The complex nature of business requires these experts to free front line managers to focus on their realms of responsibility.  It would not be possible for a supervisor to be an expert in their field of responsibility and HR processes.

HR must also have good communication with other parts of the organization and an ability to work across multiple platforms.  HR will post a job opening and their involvement will vary, but they will remain involved.  HR may verify references, arrange testing or manage interviews for other supervisors.  Once hired, HR will remain the one constant the employee will have during their tenure with the company.  HR will set up payroll, benefits and usually handle formal complaints.  In short, HR manages the people necessary to make a company work.

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