Summarize the evidence taken from a crime scene below.Evidence : 1. Hair 2. Blood 3. Fingerprint 4. Drug 5. Electronic data (such as a USB)

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lynn30k eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I'm not sure what you mean by "summarize", but all the things you list can be used to either rule in or rule out suspects after a crime has been committed. Hair and blood can be used for DNA evidence--anything found at the crime scene that does not belong to the victim may belong to the criminal. After proper collection, the DNA can be extracted and compared. Likewise, fingerprints found can be compared to those of the victim to identify other people who have been at the scene. These are particularly useful if found in blood. Drugs that are used to murder someone can frequently be traced to specific batches of production, and ultimately to the place of purchase--and to who purchased them. Electronic data can give clues as to whether the victim was in any sort of trouble. If, for example, they were having an affair or were in financial trouble, that may give a motive for the crime.

There are many other types of forensic evidence, including ballistics and general autopsy results. See the attached links for more info.

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