Summarize the important events from chapters 7-9, in Lord of the Flies.   

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kapokkid eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Jack and Ralph are "hunting" the beast at the beginning of chapter seven. As they pursue the beast, they come across pig droppings and decide that they also need meat. While they pursue the pig, Ralph gets the chance to throw his spear at the pig and wounds it. It is important to note how excited Ralph is at having participated in the hunt. This suggests that he too is capable of the violence that comes to plague the group of boys.

Ralph and Jack also begin to have more of a conflict in this chapter. 

In chapter eight, Jack and his hunters split off into a tribe of their own and Piggy and Ralph and SamnEric debate what they ought to do next. Simon wanders off to his secret place and has his prophetic vision of what the beast actually is.

Jack begins to have a feast and Ralph and Piggy and SamnEric eventually go to join it. Unfortunately, Simon has gone to the top of the mountain where he has seen the pilot and now knows what the beast really is. But when he stumbles out of the jungle at the end of chapter nine, the boys are in the midst of their dance and they mistake Simon for the beast and beat and stab him to death.

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