Summarize the deportation events.

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The first instance of deportation occurred against the foreign Jews of Sighet. The alleged deportation ended in the brutal murder of the Jews by German soldiers in Poland. Moishe the Beadle, a survivor of the massacre and a close friend of Eliezer, tried to warn the Jews of Sighet of the impending disaster. They did not heed his warnings until German soldiers arrived at their doorsteps. At first, the soldiers were polite but then the situation changed and the once free community was reorganized into Jewish ghettos.

The Jews later learned of the deportation out of Sighet not knowing what awaited them at their destination. Eliezer’s family was booked for the last transport out of the ghetto. On their last day, they were taken to the synagogue which “resembled a large railroad station”. They stayed there for 24 hours before heading to the station and into the awaiting cattle cars. It was after they reached Kaschau, on the Czechoslovakian border that they were officially handed over to German authorities and at that point it was too late to do anything. The Jews later arrived at Auschwitz and finally to Birkenau where women and children were burnt alive and the men organized for forced labor.