What is the summary for Chapter 9 in "Hound of the Baskervilles"?

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In Chapter 9, Watson reports to Holmes that he examined the room in which Barrymore had spent the night and noticed that the window out of which the man had been gazing has a good view of the moor.  He concludes that Barrymore "must have been looking out for something or somebody upon the moor", possibly "some love intrigue".  Watson met with the baronet, Sir Henry, after breakfast, and told him what he had observed concerning Barrymore, and to his surprise, Sir Henry seemed unperturbed by the information.  He said he knew that "Barrymore walked about nights", and suggested that he and Watson should "shadow him" tonight to see what Barrymore is up to. 

Watson informs Holmes that Sir Henry has been working hard to renovate and refurbish the estate, and that "great changes (should) begin...soon".  He adds that all Sir Henry will need "will be a wife to make (the grandeur of his family) complete", and suggests that since it is obvious that Sir Henry is infatuated with his "beautiful neighbor, Miss Stapleton", that should not be a problem, "if the lady is willing". 

Watson then recounts that Sir Henry made preparations to go out, and when Watson, who had been instructed by Holmes to stay with him at all times, made ready to accompany him, he was told by the baronet that he "must go out alone".  Watson, at a loss, let him go, then regretted his decision, and determines to "set off at once" after him (Chapter 9).

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