Summarize chapters 9-12 in 3-5 sentences and on the last sentence, include the theme.

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melkoosmann eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Your job, when you write a summary, is to think through all the ideas in the book and pick out the most important ones. Which events do you think are most important in the final chapters of The Outsiders?

It can be overwhelming to narrow ideas down this way. To help you, I will pare down the events of the book a bit. Pick out the details you think are most important, referring back to your reading in order to make your choice:

  • Ponyboy thinks about fighting and realizes he does not like to do it, whereas his brothers and friends do.
  • The greasers and Socs hold a rumble, which the greasers win.
  • Johnny dies.
  • Ponyboy wanders around town, hurt and alone, grieving for his friend.
  • Dallas gets shot and killed by police.
  • Ponyboy gets sick and spends several days in bed with a fever.
  • Ponyboy is acquitted of any wrongdoing on the night Bob died.
  • Ponyboy has trouble re-adjusting to school and comes close to failing English class.
  • Soda gets angry when his brothers fight, and he makes them promise not to ask him to take sides anymore.
  • Ponyboy decides to write a story about his experiences with his friends.

Major themes of The Outsiders include class conflict, loyalty, and the search for self. Which of these themes do you think is most important in the final chapters of the book? As you write your summary, highlight the events that develop the theme you choose.