Summarize chapters 8–13 of The Eagle of the Ninth.  

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The Eagle of the Ninth, a historical epic by English novelist Rosemary Sutcliff, centers on a Roman Centurion guard named Marcus Flavius Aquila and his travels through Britain in the second century AD. Along with the help of his trusted companion, a Brit named Esca, he steals back an eagle totem from a barbarian tribe, which he believes belonged to his father's legion, and is chased by the hostile horde as he attempts to make it back to safety.

Chapter 8, "The Healer with the Knife": This chapter centers on Marcus's relationship with his uncle and his early interest in the neighbor's young niece, Cottia. The uncle is concerned about Marcus's leg not healing properly—a suspicion that's confirmed when the uncle's surgeon friend inspects the wound—and Marcus pleads with his uncle to be kinder to the neighbors so that he can court Cottia.

Chapter 9, "Tribune Placidus": Marcus's leg finally heals...

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