Summarize Chapters 7, 8, and 9 in the book The Outsiders. 

Expert Answers
emilyknight7 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Chapter 7

The chapter begins right after Pony's tearful reunion with his brothers Soda and Darry. While the boys wait together for news of Dally and Johnny, reporters are bombarding Pony with questions. Eventually a doctor comes out to tell them that Dally just needs a few days in the hospital, but Johnny is in critical condition with a broken back and may die. 

The next morning, Ponyboy wakes up to discover a newspaper story proclaiming him and Dally and Johnny heroes. The whole story is included, even the night they ran away and Bob's death, but Johnny will only be tried for manslaughter.  Pony will need to go to juvenile court because he ran away, though, so he is worried about being put in a boys' home. Soda tells Pony about the plan for a big party and a rumble where they will beat the Socs "once and for all."

Two-Bit hangs out with Pony that day. Randy runs into them and he and Pony have a heart-to-heart. They talk about bravery and Bob's over-indulgent parents and the divisions between Greasers and Socs. When Randy leaves, Pony realizes they have more in common than he thought.

Chapter 8

Pony and Two Bit go to the hospital to visit Johnny, who looks like he'll die soon. When he passes out, the nurse sends the boys out, but allows Johnny's abusive mother in, which sets Two Bit off. The boys visit Dally after. Two Bit gives him his switch blade and Dally tells them he plans to escape the hospital for the rumble that night. On the way home, they meet Cherry, who tells them that the Socs have agreed to the terms and will fight fair, without weapons. Her and Pony argue when she says she won't go see Johnny, because he killed Bob and it's too painful for her. When she begins to cry, though, Pony relents and they part as friends. 

Chapter 9

Back at home, Pony and the gang prepare for the rumble. The mood is energetic and positive, with the boys running and doing gymnastics on the way to the fight. Darry is worried about Pony, who looks sick and has a major headache, but Pony insists on fighting "for Johnny." At the lot, they meet up with Tim Shepard's gang and another group from Brumly. Watching the others, Pony feels strongly that his friends don't belong and worries about them becoming real hoods. The Socs show up and a lot of fighting follows. Eventually, the Socs run and the Greasers win. Dally immediately grabs Pony and jumps in a car to get back to the hospital - Johnny was doing poorly. The whole ride Dally is talking emotionally and not acting like himself. Johnny's condition is upsetting him. 

When they get in to see him, Johnny looks terrible. Dally speaks softly to him and tells him that they are all proud of him. Johnny is happy to have the pride of his hero. Johnny turns to Ponyboy and tells him to "stay gold" before dying. Dally rushes out of the hospital.