Summarize chapter 1 of The Tin Flute.

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The first chapter of Gabrielle Roy's The Tin Flute opens with the young Florentine working at the lunch counter at the local Five and Ten in St Henri. On this particular day, she feels a sense of anticipation, because she is hoping to see a young man she met at a bazaar the day before. She notes, however, that she has never expected to meet her destiny amid the "caramel" smells and "clacking" noises of the cash register at a store in her poverty-stricken neighborhood.

Nevertheless, the young man shows up at the lunch counter and beckons her to come over to him, demanding to know her name. When she won't tell, he says his own is Jean and that he knows hers is Florentine. She is both put off and attracted by his insolent, demanding, and sometimes brutal manner as he asks her out.

During the chapter, the scene shifts to Jean's point...

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