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Summarize the article "Ethics, Politics, and the Democratic 'War on Terror.'"

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This article, written by political scientist Sonia Cardenas, is a summary of the significance of several works by David Forsyth on the relationship between human rights and the "War on Terror." Cardenas, who thoroughly admires Forsyth's work, focuses on The Politics of Prisoner Abuse: The United States and Enemy Prisoners after 9/11, published in 2010, and "U.S. foreign policy and human rights: Situating Obama," an article published in the journal Human Rights Quarterly. According to Cardenas, Forsyth is highly critical of the gap between American values (and Western values in general) and its practices during the war on terror. But at the same time, Cardenas claims, his is not a partisan slant, and he situates American transgressions against human rights with those of other countries in similar circumstances. According to the author, Forsyth's focus on what she calls the "perverse consequences of democracies committing human rights violations" is relevant, and, he seems to think, somewhat inevitable in such contests. Forsyth's focus on politics and human rights, the author claims, is what makes his work vital and persuasive.

Source: Sonia Cardenas, "Ethics, Politics, and the Democratic 'War on Terror,'" Journal on Human Rights, Vol. 11 (2010), 350-355.

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