Please summarise this article about the riots in London.

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The article presents an individualized view regarding the London riots.  It is told from the first person's point of view, a blogger who is assuming a subjective perspective on the riots and their implications.  The article moves from a personalized interpretation of the riots to a sociological analysis of them.  There is subjective thought given, such as what she is enduring right now in the riots.  There is personalized commentary, such as the ability to not leave her house and watching the riots on television.  At the same time, there is also personal reflection about how the riots might be representative of something more.  This discussion moves to analysis that suggests that the shooting of Mark Duggan was merely a catalyst of something more.  The idea of economically and socially disenfranchised youth is a point that the author makes.  Additionally, she argues that current political solutions or diagnoses of the riots is not entirely effective, and that a broader point of view must be embraced to ensure that London does not endure this again.