Organizational Leadership and Change

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Summarise what is involved in managing change.

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According to Bateman and Zeithami, there are four specific factors that need to be addressed in terms of managing change in an organization. These are the strategy to be taken, the technology that is going to be used in order to conduct and implement the changes, the structure that will be followed as due process to create the change, and lastly (but never least) the people involved in the process.

The strategy refers to which change will the organization make in order to improve it. It is usually the process that will be followed in actions. The strategy needs to be compared to what is currently being done to determine whether it is comparatively better than what has been done as common practice.

The technology refers to the newer ways and means to implement change in the 21st century. However, one has to be careful as to not overwhelm the people (factor 4) and much training and support must be provided at all times.

Finally, people are the most important component because they are the heart and soul of the organization. Understanding the anxiety that change brings, opening doors for help and support and always maintaining fresh and ongoing communication will  help change be more acceptable than challenging.

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